About Us

Our Purpose
Discover Leadership Training provides trailblazing, sustainable and relevant training solutions for the clients we serve and the business and personal relationships that influence their success.

Our Vision
Discover Leadership Training boldly provides the most impactive, sustainable and challenging leadership training solutions in the world. We enthusiastically inspire each member of the team to accept personal responsibility for their team's success. We are on your team.

As a high-performance team we will live by the following guiding principles:
1. We accept personal responsibility for the growth of our company knowing profitability is essential to our ongoing success.
2. We embody commitment and accept personal responsibility for the vision.
3. We embrace diversity and maintain a foundation of trust .
4. We create an environment of accountability through awareness, confrontation and honesty.
5. We are outcome focused and accept personal responsibility to be the CEO (Chief Example Officer).
6. We accept personal responsibility to demonstrate professionalism and go beyond excellence in our professional and personal lives.
7. We take action now to live life boldly and on purpose, making each moment count and making it count big.

Discover Leadership Training provides the most impactive and sustainable leadership development training you will ever experience. Our focus is to create unreasonable possibilities for every individual attending our programs by having them become more aware, and personally responsible, for the conversation they are having with themselves. Energy and action follow thought…so WAYFO?  What are you focused on?

Our curriculum is designed to help develop and promote leadership and communication skills, enhance personal motivation and focus, and strengthen problem-solving abilities.

Participants gain empowerment, self-confidence, clarity of thinking through focus, the ability to create positive outcomes, and motivate others to achieved shared goals. They learn how to take ownership for their business and personal responsibilities. They learn how to stretch beyond self-described limits, tap into unrealized potential, and become a more effective team member.

The benefits to you personally, and within your organization, are deep and sustained. Discover is not a destination, it is a journey, and through application of the learnings and awarenesses achieved through our various training programs, unreasonable possibilities emerge. You will observe growth, accountability, trust, synergy, and personal responsibility go to an entirely new level as you invest in yourself and your team.

Discover what we will do for you…

Learn more about our training programs through the Executive Master Graduate Leadership Program, Master Graduate Program, Corporate Trainings, Beyond Excellence Leadership Program (for ages 18-25) and Eaglet Quest (for ages 13-18).